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  • Individual Income Tax Preparation (Federal
    and State):
We offer you the best professional tax preparation
service; we work in a honest and efficient way. At CPS
TAX SERVICE we help you to prepare your Individual
Federal and State taxes. Our service is very fast and our
prices are very accessible. Don't wait any more, call
today for an appointment. We have service in Spanish
and English during the entire year.

  • Request of Individual Tax payer ID Number
Do you have a valid Social Security number? Don't worry!
You can pay your taxes even if you don't have one. The
IRS offers you an Individual Tax Payer Number for you
and your dependents that do not have a valid S.S.
Number. We help you to apply for this number with form
(W7), so this way you can be able to declare your income
taxes. The ITIN is for tax declaration purpose only and it
can not be use as a work permit.

  • Registration of Personal Business (DBA):
If you are planning to create your own personal business
or you are running one already, we give you advice about
registration and accounting methods so your business
runs according to the federal and state tax regulations.
Some of the most common personal business are
(Construction, Landscaping, Painting, Repairs and
Services, Property Rents, Resales, Mechanic, and more)

  • Request of Federal Employer ID Number (EIN):
If you hired one or more employees or you will hire them
in the future, you will need to have the Federal Employer
ID Number from IRS to be able to withhold the Social
Security and Medicare portions from your employees. We
help you to apply and get the number online in less tan
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